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Mailbox Bliss Review (and Winner #3!)

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Marcy from Mailbox Bliss understands the importance of communicating with loved ones across the miles.  This is why she began creating digital cards, annoucements, scrapbook pages and more - to chronicle the life of her family AND to be able to keep in touch with loved ones far away.  She found that her creations were not only personal and original, but also cost-effective!

So Marcy began Mailbox Bliss to share her creations with the masses!  And what wonderful creations they are!  Mailbox Bliss shop has only been open on Etsy for a few months, but she already has a very wide selection of options!  And the beauty about each option is that every one is customizable.  Customers can change the text, colors and other elements on nearly all digital card designs.  She also has a design-your-own option for an entirely custom created announcement.

Right now Mailbox Bliss is stocked with a ton of holiday themed digital cards (all of the examples shown in this post are some of her newest designs).  However digital cards from Mailbox Bliss can be used for several different occasions, including graduation, wedding save-the-dates, baby announcements, party invitations and more.  Mailbox Bliss has a wide variety of styles as well - from the fun and offbeat to classic and traditional.  You are sure to find one that catches your eye!

I had the opportunity to check out one of Mailbox Bliss designs for the purpose of reviewing the product and the customer service. 

The Product:

For review I chose “Paper Holiday Ornaments” design in a 4x6 size.  I provided photos to be used in the photo slots and gave my requested text.  I was very pleased with the product.  I had no trouble opening it, nor did my e-mail have any trouble receiving the digital file.  I decided to check out printing it at a few different locations.  So I uploaded the file to, and the online photo sites for Wal-Mart and CVS.  Again there was absolutely no problem uploading the picture on any of the sites.  And true to the order, all sites said that a 4x6 size will print the very best resolution, but only gave cautions on printing sizes 8x10 or greater.  Mailbox Bliss does offer her digital files in 5x7 sizes as well.  I had a couple prints done at each of the above places and chose both matte and shiny to see what I preferred.  The digital photo card printed beautifully at all 3 locations, though I discovered my preference for the card was the shiny finish.

The cost was wonderful - printing at each of the 3 places varied from .09 cents (Wal-Mart) to .15 cents (CVS) per print.  This means that if you chose to print 100 cards to send for holiday greetings, your printing cost would be $15.00 max.  Mailbox Bliss Designs range from $6.00 to $16.00 in cost, depending on design.  This means that a total holiday card order for 100 cards could cost $21 to $31 depending on design selection.  Wal-Mart is currently advertising their photo design holiday cards for .40 cents a piece...which means an order of 100 cards would set you back $40!  And that wouldn’t include the total originality you would receive with one of Mailbox Bliss digital cards!  EVEN BETTER...many photo sharing sites offer free printing deals for new users.  I’ve already used this offer, but it appears to still be available...100 FREE 4x6 prints from  If you used this offer in conjunction with your Mailbox Bliss order, you could have wonderfully original and unique photo cards for less than $20 total!  (I’ve used the deal referenced above - unfortunately I used it before I learned about Mailbox Bliss!  But the pictures printed great and I received my pictures only about 3 days after my I can recommend using that offer!)

Customer Service

I can confidently say that the customer service I received from Mailbox Bliss was outstanding.  Miss Mailbox Bliss says “No creation is final until you give me your stamp of approval” and she means it!  My first draft came through looking great, but I decided to add punctuation in my text that I didn’t include before.  So I sent back those minor change requests.  And I got a new proof just hours later!  When first making my customization requests, I indicated that I wanted my children’s names and ages to be included below the main “Merry Christmas from the Dressels!” text.  But I wasn’t sure what font, size or color to request for that text.  So I asked Marcy to use her designer discretion with that and I love what she did with it!  I wouldn’t have thought of centering the text above each picture, but that works perfectly (see above)!  The time from customization request to first proof was less than 24 hours.  This time frame may vary slightly depending on when the order is made, but Mailbox Bliss has a great turnaround will not be left waiting for your proof.

If you haven’t decided on holiday cards for this year yet, there is still time!  And I highly encourage you to choose one of Mailbox Bliss designs.  You can have a wonderful, original, unique and fun holiday card and pay less than the leading discount stores on photo cards.  Have your cake and eat it too!

Head on over to Mailbox Bliss and get your order started today!

(For the purpose of this review, I was provided with the product described free of charge to review.  However I was not monetarily compensated for this review and all feedback are my own honest opinions.)

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