Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Review My Product! (A Tutorial for Vendors)

Do you have a product you'd like to have reviewed on Gonna Want This-Handmade!? Read below to ensure that your product fits the guidelines and learn more about the benefits having a product reviewed can bring to you!


1 - The final product must be handmade
(this means that elements used to create the product can be commercially produced, but the overall final product must be handmade.  Personally created digital elements (ie - customized cards, blog templates, business cards, etc count in my book as 'handmade')

2 - To request to be approved for one of the four feature options found HERE (giveaway/review, review only, giveaway only or 'Feature Friday'), please e-mail me with the following information about yourself, your business and your product:

A. First & Last Name
B. Contact Information (e-mail address & phone number)
C. What type of feature you are interested in. (Click here to read about review options)
D. Name of Product to be Reviewed (if applicable):

E. Description of Product:
F.  Name of Product for Giveaway (if applicable):
G. Description of Product:

H. Links to any of the following that apply: blog, Etsy store, website, etc.

3 - The item to be reviewed and/or for a giveaway must be provided in its regular form (no sample/travel sizes) and provided free of charge. Shipping must be paid by the vendor.  For a giveaway, the vendor can select US-based shipping only, or international.  E-mail Me to obtain shipping information for review products.

4 - A review will be posted on the blog within 3 weeks of my receipt of the product unless an alternate time frame has been agreed upon between the vendor and myself.


1 - Inexpensive advertising! With a growing readership, having a feature option at Gonna Want This-Handmade is a great way to bring attention to the products that you offer for sale to a population of readers that have an explicit interest in buying handmade!

2 - Anyone participating in a feature option will earn FREE advertising on Gonna Want This-Handmade. If you choose a review only, a giveaway only or a 'Feature Friday', your logo or advertising button will appear in the top advertising spot on the left sidebar for one month - hyperlinked to your website/blog/Etsy site!  If you choose a giveaway/review, your FREE advertising will be for three months!

3 - If you have had a positive review at Gonna Want This-Handmade and you choose to purchase additional monthly advertising, you can do so for a LIFETIME 10% advertising discount!

4 - Any vendor who chooses to do a Giveaway Only or Giveaway Review (click here for more info) will earn additional free advertising on multiple high readership blog sites and Twitter - even prior to the completion of the review at Gonna Want This-Handmade!

5 - Reviews are written in a professional format by a gifted writer that will highlight all of the features of the product - in an unbiased and honest manner!  See Disclosure Policy HERE.

If you have any questions about the Guidelines or Benefits to having a product reviewed with Gonna Want This-Handmade, please e-mail me!

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