Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to Gonna Want This-Handmade!

I have always been a fan of handmade items. Growing up in a large family, handmade gifts were all that a young girl could give! Seems like that sentiment has come full circle...I love giving handmade gifts as an adult too!

The main difference now is that I have learned that I am not exceptionally talented at making handmade creations myself. I certainly try - and I will continue to try as long as my hands and eyes are in good working order! But I am missing a genetic trait that so many artisans have out there...the eye for it, the knack for putting things together, the TALENT.

Don't worry, I'm not down on myself...there are many other ways I am gifted! But in lieu of my ability to create awesome handmade gifts and products, I have learned that there is a WEALTH of talented artisans on the web creating products of nearly anything and everything you can dream up! Gift items, clothing, self-care products, cooking items, baby items, toys, gifts for him, gifts for her, items for your favorite pet!

Handmade items are creative & original, yes. With your new handmade purse purchased from an artisan online, you won't get the "I saw that on sale at Target" or the "I have that very same one!" type of comments. You will be able to wow the recipient of a gift you give.

Best of all, buying handmade gives you the opportunity to:
1 - Give your business to talented artisans, supporting small businesses!
2 - Buy local on occasion
3 - Ensure that the item you are purchasing was created in an ethical way.
4 - Often be able to have an item customized to your request
5 - Purchase goods that are often made with earth-friendly resources, in an earth-friendly way

There are many more reasons why buying handmade is an awesome choice to make! Leave a comment here and tell me about your favorite reason to buy handmade!

But for many of you, myself included, the decision to buy handmade comes with a quandry too. How many of you have asked yourself these questions: How do I know if the item is of good quality? How do I know if it will hold up to the claims on the website? How do I know I'm not going to send out my payment information online or over the phone & get charged for something but never receive the product? Or what if I get a product that is shoddy or not what I requested...will I be able to return it and get my money back?

For me and likely many of you, these questions may have held you back from buying handmade.
That is where this website comes in! Gonna Want This-Handmade was developed to do honest reviews of all sorts of handmade products and point you to the best of the best out there. These reviews are unpaid and therefore unbiased.

Click HERE if you are vendor who would like a product of yours reviewed.

Click HERE if you are a vendor interested in advertising on Gonna Want This-Handmade.

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