Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Save Handmade Toys!

Hey Handmade Fans!

You may have heard about this already...I'm talking about the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act.

This Act technically went into effect on Feb. 10th of this year. However the guidelines will not be enforced until Feb. 10th of 2010. The Act was originally conceived to help ensure that mass-produced toys (think massive toy factories in China) are using quality safe products in the toys that we purchase for our children (ie - no toxins like phthalates and lead). The importance of having safe toys is something we moms understand and support.

However too many things were not thought through in the development of this Act and the voting process. Essentially the new guidelines will effectively destroy any and all smaller toy companies and certainly individual artisans making quality, safe and creative handmade toys for children.

Kristen and Liz say it the best at their post on Cool Mom Picks - click HERE to read about it. There are a TON of ways that you can help fight this Act and save small toy companies and even more, individual handmade toy artisans from losing their livlihood and ability to provide the general public with awesome, creative, wonderful, SAFE handmade toys.

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