Friday, December 18, 2009

Feature Friday: Vintage Sewn!

Pinot Grigio.  Chardonnay.  Merlot.  Reisling.  Pinot Noir.  Savignon Blanc.  Cabernet.  Zinfandel.  

Wine...which is your favorite?  Mine is definitely Reisling...or other sweeter variations of wine. 

Wine is not only enjoyed with is often given as a holiday gift, wedding gift, host/hostess gift, etc.  It is quite versatile that way!

And while there are all sorts of paper gift bags designed for wine, how much better would it be to give the gift of wine in a handmade eco-friendly wine bag?!?

Vintage Sewn does just that, making quality, unique and reusable eco-friendly wine bottle bags!

Check out some of the options at Vintage Sewn:

I love these two nature inspired bags...


This would make a classy wine gift bag for the holidays...

This embroidered felt bag just says 'cozy up with a blanket & glass of  good wine...' to me!...


There are more options too (19 in all) on Vintage Sewn's Etsy on over to check out the options for yourself!  They are all very reasonably priced, from $7.95 to $9.95.

But that is not all that Vintage Sewn is working on!  She recently added a set of nature photo gift cards.  The photography is spectacular, and a great feature is that the photos can be removed from their photo corners in order to be added to to a frame or photo display of your own! 

$14.95 for a set of 10 cards

Here's what Chantel from Vintage Sewn has to say about herself, her work and how she got started!

How long have you been selling your products?

I started making my wine bottle bags in October, to be ready for a November craft sale. After receiving great feedback, I decided to create an Etsy site.

How did you get into it?

I had a wine bottle bag lying around and when I looked at how it was made and the fabric chosen, I knew I would be able to make them using more trendy fabrics and better made quality wise using more luxurious ribbons. As well, I always kept paper wine bottle bags to use for future presents, but the paper bags always got wrinkled and looked used. Using fabric allows the bag to be reused without looking used, as the fabric can be ironed out if necessary.

Is your Etsy shop your primary shop?  Where else could people find your work?

My Etsy shop is my primary online shop, but I have a selection of the wine bottle bags available at Sheppard Wine Works (Yonge and Sheppard intersection in Toronto, ON).  

What inspires your creations?

The fabric inspire my creations. Finding interesting fabrics to use is the most fun part, as it is usually a surprise what I will find. I then find ribbons or buttons to match the fabrics. 

Do you have an all-time favorite piece?  What is it and why?

My favourite so far is the "Reusable Embroidered Felt Wine Bottle Bag w/ Silk Lining". The felt fabric is actually a pillow case, and i think the the vibrant pink lining is unexpected and contrasts perfectly. The bag is accented with a thin black bow which works well as it doesn't try to bring too much attention to itself against the coloured embroidery in the felt.
Vintage Sewn is graciously offering shipping deals to readers of Gonna Want This-Handmade!  If you are in Canada, you can receive FREE shipping and all US based orders can receive 1/2 off shipping on their orders!    So go now to Vintage Sewn, browse her site and when you are ready to make an order, contact Chantel through a message on her site with the code 'BLOG FREE SHIP' so she can calculate a final price for you and work out an adjusted price.

Thanks Vintage Sewn!

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