Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Win It Wednesday!

Here's some handmade giveaways expiring SOON...if you win you may still have time to turn your winnings into a wonderful and free gift for someone special!

Here we go!

This Teddy Bear Picnic Quilt is being given away on One Minute's Worth.  The giveaway ends 'the morning of the 19th', so head on over and enter (PS - as I write there are only 16 entries so far...good odds!).  This would make a super duper cute gift for an infant or preschooler!  Ends December 19th.


Did your mom or grandmother ever talk about getting 'all gussied up' to go somewhere?  Though we don't use the term much today, it basically meant to get yourself all dressed up, looking fancy.  The Etsy shop, Gussy, does the same for everyday items like wallets, cell phone holders, etc.  And Etsy It Up is hosting a giveaway for $30 gift certificate to her shop!  Cool thing is, if you win, you could give the gift certificate to someone, saving on the creating & shipping time...your gift recipient could choose what they'd like themselves.  (but if you are like me, this would be a gift I'd give to myself!  Click HERE to head on over and enter!  Ends December 21st.

Okay, this baby pacifier clip is seriously so cute!  It is handmade by Freakie Toes and the giveaway is hosted by Stuff Parents Need.  This flower clip is made with a silk flower, grosgrain ribbon and sweet litle rhinestone detail in the center of the flower for your littlest girly girl.  The snap at the end allows for easy switching.  The clip ribbon length is in accordance with all major manufacturing of pacifier clips, at 9".  Though I don't have any pacifier users at home, I know this would be a great gift for any parent or parent-to-be out there.  PS - there are pacifier clip options for boys here too.  Ends December 21st.

Finally, there is a HUGE giveaway happening over at VivaBella.  Four winners will receive over $700 worth in handmade cosemetics and jewelry!  Vendors such as Zuii Organic, Pastel Petals, LA Splash, Just Be Designs, Sweet Treats, LashMantra & Epicare all contributed products to this giveaway.  Wonderful!  There have been a number of entries, but with four winners, your odds are still good.  Head over and enter today!  Ends December 19th.

Are you hosting a giveaway for a handmade product/vendor on your site?  Let me know about it in a comment and I'll feature it in a future post!

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