Friday, December 4, 2009

Feature Friday: John Lewis Blown Glass

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Even the most skilled crafters amongst us have probably never ventured into the art of glassblowing!  That was once true for John Lewis, but he has now been creating awesome blown glass sculptures for over 30 years! 

Sun Spot Bowl - $249

All of John Lewis’ blown glass sculptures are done free-hand; meaning no molds or patterns are used in their creation...and consequently every creation is one of a kind!  All of John Lewis’ sculptures show their authenticity through the artist’s signature on each item.

Straight Walled Vase - $69

Originally John Lewis worked in post production filmmaking in New York.  But wearied by the constraints and attitudes he experienced within that field, he enrolled at Boston’s Mass Art to study Sculpture.  By happenstance, John was the one available to help a ceramics major in the lab with glassblowing.  From that first experience he was hooked!  He was able to study the glass medium further at Mass Art and soon thereafter John Lewis opened his own hot shop in Massachusett’s Berkshire mountains.  That was in the mid-1970’s.  John Lewis has been working with and incorporating blown glass into his art ever since! 

Cobalt Sun Ball with White Cane - $35

John gets his inspiration for his art from a variety of organic sources.  Life and the things we are brought into contact with every day all are part of the inspiration for John’s work; as is the natural world around us and the functional elements in the world of machines.  When asked what his favorite piece in his collection is or has been, John replied “For me, creation is a journey and my favorite work is always the latest successful one. BUT, I'm never finished; there is always something to be improved no matter how much I enjoy the finished work.”

Wedding Platter - $179

John’s work is available for sale online at his Etsy shop, John Lewis Blown Glass.  He has a personal website under construction right now - the main page is up and you can see more of John’s awesome creations there...go to and bookmark the site so you can come back and explore more once the site is complete! 
At the John Lewis Blown Glass Etsy shop you can find decorative globes, vases of all shapes and sizes, goblets, lights, bowls and plates.  The colors are magnificent!  John’s creations range in price from $35 to $249.

Wavy Bowl - $69

For Gonna Want This-Handmade! readers ONLY, John is offering a great deal over the weekend!  If you make an order from John’s Etsy site between December 4-6, you will receive FREE SHIPPING!  When making your order, follow these instructions:

Enter the code “FeatureFridays” in the ‘Notes to Seller’ on your order
If you pay by check, this will be the only adjustment you will need to do to your order - just send your check made out for the adjusted price. 
If you are paying via PayPal, do the following steps to your order to ensure you receive the adjusted FREE SHIPPING price:
1 - add items to your ETSY shopping cart & start the checkout process
2 - Enter the code (“FeatureFridays”) in the notes to seller AND an e-mail address where the revised invoice should be sent.
3 - Complete the order but DO NOT go to PayPal to pay.
4 - Instead wait for the revised invoice to come via e-mail and use the link to be able to complete payment online.

Table Lamp - $249

(No product or monetary compensation was provided to Gonna Want This-Handmade for the completion of this Feature, nor were any of the vendor’s products reviewed.  This is an artist feature post only.)

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