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Baby Peas & Bees Review!

You may remember Baby Peas & Bees from the giveaway hosted during Launch Week HERE.  Missyt_2000@ was the winner of that one.  However Linda at Baby Peas & Bees provided me with a "Rose Cupcakes" product to review!

I was excited to receive the 'cupcakes' in the mail.  This is the box I received.  It came very promptly!  Baby Peas & Bees used reliable Priority Mail for her shipping.

The real treat, however, came when I opened the box.  The presentation was wonderful!  So great that I would feel completely comfortable ordering a gift item from Baby Peas & Bees for a new mommy friend and have it shipped directly to her if needed.  And it was packed solidly with packing peanuts cushioning the interior contents, as well as protective cellophane around the actual box of 'cupcakes'.  What a treat for that new mommy to open!  Here's some of my first glimpses at the "Rose Cupcakes"...


First Glimpse

 What a treat!

Love the colors - the box, ribbon, flower detail & 'cupcakes' inside all coordinated...and gave the feel of a real gourmet cupcake treat!


By this point I was thoroughly pleased with the presentation and was thinking of all of the new mommy-to-be's that I know that live in various places throughout the nation...what a great gift to send directly to a new mommy, especially if you can't travel to be at her baby shower or to visit her and the new one in the hospital after the birth.  Baby Peas & Bees offers all of their products in either boy, girl or gender neutral colors.

One of the things I was very interested in reviewing was the quality of the items used in the design of these gifts.  The gifts looked great, were creative and thoughtful - with attention to detail - but the real question I had now was how would the items used in the design hold up to regular use?

My apologies - I helped myself to a cupcake before getting a picture of all four in the box.  They were irresistible!  

Each rose cupcake is created with a baby washcloth and a baby sock.  So the box of four 'cupcakes' results in 4 baby washcloths and 2 pairs of baby socks.  The baby washcloths included with my baby cupcakes were "Especially for Baby" brand, a brand carried and distributed by Toys R Us.  I was pleased to discover that they were brand name items, carried by a major manufacturer and not cheapo knockoffs from the dime store.  The washcloths have a soft jersey side to them and a terry cloth side.  They are thick enough to hold up to sudsing and using to wash baby, but they are soft and gentle enough for baby's skin.  I checked the seams on the washcloths too - quality construction throughout.  After a few review (including using for washing, sending through the washing machine and dryer, and full inspection of the item, I can confidently say that these baby washcloths are quality items that not only look good when designed as a baby cupcake, but will be put to good use for baby too. 


What about those socks?  They were a tiny new baby size...and I was pleased to find out that they weren't all just one color - they had a design to them!  They were the thick, cushiony kind - perfect for keeping baby's feet warm and cozy, especially during these cold months!  The only seam on these socks was in the toe, and I checked those over thoroughly.  The seams were strong and reinforced and would hold up to regular infant wear as well as washing!  I put these socks through the washer and dryer a few times and they came out looking bright and fine!

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Baby Peas & Bees as a vendor for all your handmade, unique and baby gift needs!  You can purchase her items to use as a display and gift at a baby shower, as a unique gift at any baby occasion, and even to send to a friend or family member across the country with confidence that they will be receiving a wonderfully packaged original gift!

Customer Service:  Excellent, timely, easy to get ahold of the vendor
Packaging and Presentation:  Excellent - well packaged for travel, used a reliable mailing service, beautiful presentation.
Quality Construction:  Excellent - These 'cupcakes' were put together well, with attention to detail.
Quality Items:  Excellent - The items used in the construction of these 'cupcakes' were of quality material and are recommended for regular use.

Head on over to Baby Peas & Bees today to get an idea of what you can order for yourself or your favorite new parent/parent-to-be!  Here's a few other items from Baby Peas & Bees online shop:

Jungle Theme Diaper Cake - $45


Teapot Bouquet - $45

Pea Pod Washcloths-$10

Thanks Linda at Baby Peas & Bees for the opportunity to do this review!

(For the purpose of this review, I was provided with the product described free of charge to review.  However I was not monetarily compensated for this review and all feedback are my own honest opinions.)


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