Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Win It Wednesday!

We have another winner!  missyt_2000@ is the lucky giveaway winner of a "Baby in a Basket" from Baby Peas & Bees!  Missyt_2000 will be able to let Linda at Baby Peas & Bees know if she'd like a girl, boy or gender neutral baby in a basket!  What a fun win!  Congrats Missyt_2000!

Watch for a review of Baby Peas & Bees products here on Thursday, December 10th!

Win It Wednesday will be a weekly feature here at Gonna Want This-Handmade!  Most Wednesdays I will have a giveaway that I will be hosting on my blog.  But since that won't be able to happen every week, on those weeks when I do not have a giveaway to host and feature here, I will bring the best of the handmade giveaways to you!  I will scour the web to find some great giveaways featuring handmade artists and I will bring them here for YOU to find and enter!

Here are some of the best handmade giveaways of the web this week (in my humble opinion)...

I think these are AWESOME and totally ingenius!  They are lockets made from repurposed auto parts, believe it or not.  YAY RECYCLED!  The options at the Polarity Etsy shop are endless...though my fave is above ("Family").  The Sunshine Studio is hosting a giveaway for a locket of the winners choice!  Head on over by clicking HERE to enter the giveaway!  It is only open until Dec. 6th, so don't waste any time.  Good luck!   
PS - The lockets are very reasonably priced at about $18-$21 if you want to skip taking your chances on the giveaway, you can buy right away at Polarity!

(thanks Polarity & Sunshine Studio!)

These lanterns seem very classic and refined, yet completely unexpected!  I think one hanging solo on a porch or from a front tree would be lovely, but just as lovely would be an entire gathering of them.  Beautiful and original Christmas lighting!  I also think these would be beautiful for an outdoor wedding or dinner party!  These lanterns are "upcycled" (YAY RECYCLING AGAIN!) and can be found at Going Green Lanterns online shop.  However, the GIVEAWAY can be found on Evergreen Moms.  Enter by clicking HERE and following instructions.  Giveaway is open for entries until December 10th.  May the best luckiest (wo)man win! 
PS - If you want to start your shopping now, $20 will buy you your favorite lantern design!

(thanks Evergreen Moms & Going Green Lanterns!)

We have a spot on our living room wall that we have decided is destined for a wall sticker!  We haven't found the just right one yet, so we continue to look.  One place I will be looking is Expressing You, a handmade artisan creating all sorts of wall decals - big and small.  She can customize the size and style of any decal option - and I believe she even has an entire custom create option for those of you who have an idea in your head that you don't see in your store.  Etsy It Up is hosting a Giveaway for a Swirly Bird Wall Decal (winner chooses color/letter combination).  Click HERE to enter the giveaway!  Taking entries through December 9th.  
(Thanks Etsy It Up and Expressing You!) 

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