Thursday, December 17, 2009

O2 Designs Review: Origami Crane Earrings!

Blue Beaded Origami Crane Earrings - $12

I am pretty convinced that Shayna from O2 Designs would make a pretty good surgeon if she wasn't busy making jewelry!  The attention to detail in her work and the miniscule origami folding in her Crane Earrings set shows her talent!

O2 Designs has recently added a number of items to their Etsy shop.  Many are holiday themed items like:

Small Holiday Barrettes - $4


Silver & Gold Post Earrings - $4

Head on over to O2 Designs to get the full scope of the holiday item offerings - there are over 35 and perhaps you could still get in an order in to be fulfilled before Christmas!

However holiday items are not all the O2 Designs have, and new items are being added all the time!  Here are some of the newest additions:


          Pink Button Necklace - $15


  Grey & White Freshwater Pearl Star Necklace - $35

O2 Designs provided me with a pair of blue recycled paper origami crane earrings to review!  I received them in a sturdy white cardboard jewelry size box via US Parcel Post.  The box was wrapped in white butcher paper, so the items were completely secure and there was no risk of the packaging opening up during transit. 

The earrings were nestled in between two large squares of cotton padding.  This definitely helped protect these earrings, though as is indicated on this product description in the O2 Designs shop, these earrings are delicate.  Shayna, the designer, indicated that they may need some slight reshaping after arrival.  They did need a very small bit of reshaping after being jostled in the box during shipping - but the adjustments needed were very minor.  However it is recommended that these earrings be kept in a separate box during jewelry storage rather than being thrown together with a bunch of earrings.  I believe that would cause these crane earrings to lose their shape. 

Upon opening the package with the earrings, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the earrings were much smaller than I had expected from the photo.  They were actually the perfect size...large enough to be noticeable, but not so large that they are cumbersome or overbearing.  In fact, I felt no weight or pulling when wearing these earrings...they are incredibly light! 

I like that O2 Designs uses recycled paper for these products and other products in the O2 Designs line.  I love encouraging the use of reuse!

The prices at O2 Designs are very reasonable and the earrings I reviewed retail for just $12 - a great price for a unique design! 

These earrings would look great as a feature piece in an understated outfit of black or white top with jeans...or to pair with a coordinating dressier outfit.  I think these earrings would be a fun gift to an older child - my daughter is enamored by them! 

Customer Service:  Good - vendor was able to respond to e-mail requests within 2 days typically.
Packaging and Presentation:  Very good - well packaged for travel.
Quality Construction:  Excellent - I was amazed by the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship for such tiny little creations!
Quality Items:  Very good - These earrings are delicate, but with proper care and storage, they will make a great addition to any jewelry collection.

Thanks Shayna & O2 Designs for the opportunity to review this product!

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