Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Featuring O2 Designs & Origami Crane Earrings Giveaway!


Shayna with O2 Designs likes to create something new every time she gets to creating. That’s why you can know that if you purchase an item from O2 Designs, it is truly one of a kind! Rarely are any of O2 Design creations repeated!

Right now the online Etsy store for O2 Designs is STOCKED with holiday accessories. Earrings and hair clips make up the bulk of the inventory - and the prices are incredibly reasonable...ranging from $3.50 for small decorated barrettes to $7.00 for long dangly festive earrings! At those prices even those of us hit hard by recession woes could give a fun, unique and colorful gift to a friend, mother or daughter. These would be equally original teacher gift ideas!

Considering the frugal side of things, O2 Designs is currently running a FREE SHIPPING offer on her online store - so any paid order shipping to a Continental US address ships for FREE! WAY better than braving crowds at the mall to flip through rack after rack of commercially made holiday accessories. So get your Christmas list right now...scroll down and identify one, two or MORE people on your list that would love some of these fun accessories for a gift this year! Perfect for stocking stuffers or the holiday gift exchange with the girls at work too!

I did an impromptu poll of the girls in our house...about which of O2 Design’s were their favorite.

Miss Sassafrass (age 4) ooh-ed and aah-ed over these two:

Red Snowflake Barrettes
Red ribbon affixed to metal clasp barrettes with dangling ribbon and snowflakes

Red Lollipop Earrings
Glitter coated lollipops look good enough to eat and measure 2.5 inches long

Lu Lu Berry (age 10) was very methodical about selecting her favorites...painstakingly narrowing down her absolute favorites to this:

Funky Christmas Tree Earrings
Fun show-stopper hot pink and lime green Christmas tree earrings that dangle 4 inches long!

Gold Glitter Star Earrings
Glittery gold stars add sparkle and class to any holiday season outfit!

And then there’s me...(age 30...something!) and I think the Red & White Candy Earrings add just the right festive touch!

Red & White Candy Earrings

Though the O2 Designs online store is stocked with holiday accessories, that is not all that is available - more selections will be added to the online store soon, so bookmark her site! O2 Designs is offering beautiful origami and beaded crane earrings for today’s giveaway!

Beaded Origami Crane Earrings


Handmade from recycled paper, these earrings are not only beautiful, but environmentally friendly too! Nothing like reducing your carbon footprint while still sporting fun, original accessories!

I am awed by the accurate mini-origami folding that goes into creating perfect little origami cranes for these earrings! The earrings dangle with blue/purple beads interspersed throughout. The lucky winner of this giveaway will receive these earrings directly from O2 Designs - perhaps even in time for holiday gift-giving!

To Enter:

You can get up to 5 entries for this giveaway. This is how...

The 1st Entry (noted below) must be completed FIRST before any further entries can be made. (NOTE: Make sure to leave an e-mail address that I can reach you at in EACH entry comment!)

1st Entry: Visit the O2 Designs online store and peruse the fun selections! Complete the entry form here on the blog (below) letting me know the name of your favorite O2 Designs accessory!

2nd Entry: Sign up to receive updates from Gonna Want This - Handmade via e-mail OR become a Follower! (this can be done through the link in the left column)

3rd Entry: Follow me (@bloggymama) on Twitter!

4th Entry: Post about this giveaway on your own blog and link back to it. Leave a link to your blog post in your comment.

5th Entry: Make a purchase at O2 Designs and let me know in your comment what the purchase was.

The giveaway will close at 11:00 pm CST on Wednesday, December 2nd

NOTE: When you complete the Entry Form below, your entry automatically is input into a spreadsheet online that I access with a password. It will NOT show up in the blog comments section. I utilize this Entry Form in order to protect your personal information from various forms of 'spybots' on the web! :)

Winner will be notified via e-mail and will be asked to respond within 3 days of e-mail. If the winner does not respond within the prescribed time period, an alternate winner will be selected and notified the same way.


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  1. I filled out the form, as required, but I just had to state publicly how cute those origami crane earrings are.

    If you have a moment, stop by my place to enter for a $15 Gift Certificate from my Etsy store...

  2. I'm following you on Google Connect! Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com


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