Monday, January 25, 2010

Make It Myself Monday: Yum Yum AND McLinky!

The last several weeks I have had a personal goal to begin to exercise and eat better for my health and weight loss.  See my Making Over Me blog highlighting that journey.  Part of the journey includes taking steps to eat "clean"...basically to eat as naturally as possible.

Sooo...all of my focus the last couple weeks have been on learning to eat healthy and creating new recipes for my family that are all natural!  So no handmade products got made by me this week.  My kids are still waiting for their Snuggies!  :)  But, if you are interested, you can see some of the great healthy food I Made Myself by clicking on the links:

1 - Homemade Bread

2 - Cheesy Turkey Burgers & Cauliflower Smash

3 - Made Over Chickie Nugs (aka Chicken Nuggets)

But today it is all about YOU!  Your chance to link up so that readers can discover YOUR blog and the things that you made yourself!  Be the first (or 5rh or 10th) to add yourself and your post to the McLinky below.

Here are the requirements to add your link to Make It Myself Monday:

1 - Make sure your post focuses on something  you created yourself.  This post can be a tutorial on how to make something, but it does not have to be a tutorial.  A post about what was created is just fine too.  
2 - The post does not have to be written on the same day as the MckLinky, nor does it have to have be written on a Monday at all.  It can even come from your archives!  Just make sure that your link goes directly to the post, not just to your blog main page.
3 - If you link up, please grab the "Make It Myself Monday" blog button (upper left sidebar) and either post it in your sidebar or include it in a post that links your readers to Gonna Want This-Handmade.

Can't wait to see your creations!!!

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