Monday, February 1, 2010

Made It Myself Monday: Valentine's Day Fun!

I gotta get back into my CRAFTY GROOVE!  Help me!  I got no link-ups last week...but I know ya'll are crafting out there!  Post about it and link up to Make It Myself Monday!  Just remember, your post doesn't have to be recent...bring it from your archives if you like!  If you do link up, grab the "Make It Myself" button (top left sidebar) and display it loud and proud on your blog!

OKAY, on to other Make It Myself Monday news...

I have been in a serious crafting rut.  I worked hardcore before Christmas on crafting options...including a lot of seen HERE and HERE and HERE!  But then the New Year started, we got into a new semester in homeschooling and I began my Making Over Me venture...which has taken a lot of focus (and I've done a lot of Making It Myself with new healthy recipes!).  So I got nothin' this week.  But I'm gonna choose one of these Valentine's related crafts to do for next week's Make It Myself Monday.  Leave a comment and let me know which one you want to see me create!




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